Karan Karla Aron is an award-winning artist and pianist/composer from Little Rock, Arkansas. She began her journey studying to be a concert pianist, but that eventually turned to songwriting and composing her own music for piano.

Then one day she had the urge to see if she could draw and what it would feel like to swim in the waters of visual art. She bought charcoal and paper and started sketching herself in the mirror. She taped them to the walls of her apartment and would study them and get lost in how it had felt to make something so tangible so different from making music. Music was an immersive experience that didn't result in a tangible object. Music had to be played or listened to. Art was somehow more finite. That was the beginning of crossovers between her music roots and the new-to-her world of making art.

In her music she draws from many years of classical training. Her solo piano compositions are distilled out of that classical tradition and mixed with a heavy dose of romance. She is inspired by many genres of music but the great torch singers Vikki Carr, Julie London and Jennifer Charles are among her favorites.

Her art is often romantic, as well. Her bird paintings were picked up by an art publisher and were a featured best seller for Pier 1 Imports for 5 years. 

In 2017 she was awarded a Performing Artist Studio Residency with Charlotte Street Foundation where she began writing for musical theatre. She lives in Kansas City with her husband and their two mischievous tabbies. 


Artist Statement: 

In my work I am most often exploring my own inner world and emotions. Love and deeply romantic themes are key players whether I am painting in my studio or composing at the piano. I love the physicality of making marks on paper or a canvas as I respond in the moment to my inner guidance.